About The Artist

Gary Berson was raised in South Orange, NJ and attended Skidmore College until he was injured in an automobile accident in 1991.  He sustained both a traumatic brain injury and a spinal fracture.  It took Gary years of rehabilitation and perseverance to recover.  As a result of this experience, he and his family helped form an organization called Opportunity Project, Inc. to provide support and guidance for people with brain injury.

Through Gary’s recovery and his work with Opportunity Project, Gary became re-engaged with his love for photography, which had begun when he was in high school.  Through his photography, Gary was introduced to Arts Unbound, an organization dedicated to the artistic achievement of people living with disabilities and the continued artistic enrichment of seniors, believing art is for all.

Artist's Statement

I have spent years collecting observations of everyday life, 
turning them into extraordinary images.
I capture images on my cell phone, 
since the best camera for the job is the one I have with me.
​I play with the images on my computer.
I let the images speak to me and I listen to what they have to say.
Every image has a different story to tell.
Focusing on one image at a time,
I add more of what I like and remove much of what I don’t. 
The color, shape and design of the original image work together 
to lead me towards the creation of new shapes and patterns.
Sometimes the original subject becomes completely obscured.
Other times, I leave it for the viewer to contemplate its relevance in the work.
The end result is almost accidental.
I never know where I am headed until I get there.